Roommates Share An Escort

We had been roommates in college for like two years, so we did lots of things together. In short, we both had a desire to have an experience with an escort, something that was like a dream come true to us. One Friday night we decided to call Eve London escorts to hire an escort for the night. Even though the rates were high for two broke students it beats wanking to porn, and since we were splitting the cost it wasn’t really bad at all. The girl we hired was named Katrina and she was really hot.

When Katrina arrived Rob greeted her and said, “You look hot, how about some beer?” She simply smiled then gave us both a hug. I and my roommate couldn’t take our eyes off Katrina’s booty as she exaggerated her hip swings in that mini summer dress and flip-flops you could easily mistake her for a collage girl.

We had porn paused on the TV in our living room. Katrina purposely bent way lower than necessary to pick up the remote from the coffee table showing us she had no panties on. She then pressed play, removed her dress, and knelt down in front of us. We watched her with our boners extending from our tennis shorts.

“With the money you are paying, I have no time for teasing and foreplay boys, and from the looks of it there’s no need so why don’t you take off those shorts and take a seat. Let your money do the talking,” Katrina said. And in no time Rob was down to nothing and already massaging her tits while Katrina massaged his pole. I slowly followed suit sitting next to Rob who was by now already being mounted by Katrina to do a reverse cow girl while now stroking my pole.

“You guys seem so sweet and pack some nice meat, I hope you won’t disappoint me by cumming early, for the money you paid I want to make it worthwhile,” she said and trailed off as she deep-throated me while still riding Rob. Talk about a woman good at multitasking. We went on to have lots of fun switching holes and both fucking her mouth, pussy, and tight asshole. She was definitely worth every dollar we spent, and we were sure she would be showing back up at our home. She would definitely be hired in the future when we want to have more threesome fun in the future.